In January 1997, Kochin Pathrika started as Fortnightly-emphasized the goals its founders had set in its very first issue, viz:

  • To represent the needs of the common people to the rulers.
  • To protect and safeguard the inalienable rights of the people.
  • To fight for Truth, Justice and Freedom and to unite the separated brethren of Kerala.

Over a decade, Kochin Pathrika grew in strength and gradually became a part of the Kochin life. It always stood by the people and feared none. It fought relentlessly for the well-being of the farmer, the weaker sections, the rights of the minorities and lower castes, irrespective of color, caste, creed, religion or gender.

Guided by the beacons of truth and journalistic freedom, Kochin Pathrika vows to carry further its tradition to vistas of excellence.




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